Tuesday, August 26, 2008

questions for God

There are some things I want to ask God when I get to heaven. Not that I want to go anytime soon, but I want it known I have some things that I wonder about.

Since it was God's design . . . .

1. Why do we stink when we sweat? Why couldn't we smell good when we sweat, like sweating Dolce and Gabana's Light Blue? Just a thought.

2. Why do all the "good" foods make you fat? Why couldn't a big hunk of chocolate cake be really good for you? And fish make you fat. Sure would fill up the oceans that way.

3. Why do you gain weight by being lazy? Couldn't you build muscle just by lazing around on the couch?

I know the majority of these answers have to do with The Fall. I know Adam and Eve had it good. They probably had a tree of chocolate cake.

I yearn for heaven. Where I won't have to 'work' anymore. And I can just sit at the feet of Jesus and learn all day. And practice medicine with the Great Healer.