Thursday, November 20, 2008

baby alive

I was shopping for Christmas gifts in the toy aisle at Walmart yesterday and found that doll that Laura used to have--BABY ALIVE. It even has food packs that you combine with water to make "juice" and "apple sauce." So it poops and pees. This one even had a potty and it would tell you when it had to go.

I also remember Laura begging Mom to buy her the food. And Mom telling her it was too expensive. And Mom mixing something in water and Laura crying because it "wasn't the same!"

But the best was hooking her up to the hose.

And ask Laura about the time I talked her into letting me cut her doll's hair instead of mine. I wasn't stupid, I knew my doll's hair wouldn't grow back. I think Mom still has that doll up in the attic. Poor thing! Looks like she had a rough life!

Oh the memories!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

random things

I was "tagged" by a friend to post seven random things about myself:

1. I went to 7 different colleges. (OU-Norman, BWC-now OWU, RSU, Evangel University, OU-Tulsa, Langston, and OU HSC) I am now done.

2. I grow wierd things. Tumors, moles, whatever.

3. I like Braum's Skim Milk the best.

4. I used to be able to barf up spinach salad my mom made because I hated it so much. Didn't have to eat it for awhile.

5. My sister used to have a doll that pooped/peed after you fed her. I hooked her up to the hose in the back yard and made her pee all day long. (Sorry Laura, I know she's still a little sensitive about it.)

6. I dated a guy in college with the last name Schmitz. My name could have been Sarah Schmidt-Schmitz. Cool, eh?

7. I'm really good at Trival Pursuit. I've been known to read the cards while on the throne to study up before Christmas Eve. Just being honest.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

the cost of internet

Diane, me, Cindy

This past weekend I went with the doc I work with and manager to a AAFP (American Academy of Family Practioners) Conference in Dallas. It was a really great time and I'm very excited to get to work in the morning to implement some new ideas. (Details to come)

But you know me, always finding the humor in life.

I was really upset because we stayed at a Renassiance Hotel, nice and expensive, and they charged you for internet!! Even the EconoLodge has free internet!!! They charge $9.95 a day. I thought that was ridiculous. So last night after eating at Chuy's Mexican restaurant we decided to go to the lobby (where the internet was free) and check our email. Well, there is no place in the lobby besides the bar so we went in and got a table. Well, I felt bad for taking a table so we ordered some drinks.

And $13.00 later, I had a lemon drop martini and access to the internet. Nope, didn't pay the $9.95 for the internet, but I paid $13.00 for a martini.

Oh well!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

i am alive

Sorry about the lack of posts. And no, I am not stuck in the toilet without toilet paper. (thank you kylee or rick . . . . )

I've been sick. Got sick at the stupid PA conference. I work around sick people all day and get sick at the PA conference. Upsetting. As soon as I got home last week I took Nyquil and was out for the evening. And finally work is busy so I'm working on notes when I'm home instead of playing on the internet and posting on my blog. Sorry.

I'm leaving after work today for a AAFP conference in Dallas on Diabetes. Woo Hoo! (not really) but we are going to Sam Moon. Get ready for jewelry for Christmas gifts my friends!

And I'll post soon!