Monday, August 11, 2008

pilot anyone?

Today has not been a good day. On my way to work this morning on 169, my car, the 17mo old honda pilot, began shaking violently. I was a bit freaked and didn't want to pull over on that freakway of a highway. So I kept going. (I did slow down to 50mph and got the bird thrown at me a few times.)

I tried calling Ed, no luck, 5 times. Then I remembered he was at Ranch Heights so I called Bryan who tracked him down. (Thanks BJH!) In the meantime, my car was shaking even worse when I accelerated. So in panic mode, I called Tod the PA who works at the hospital, since he was a man and should know about these things. He told me it sounded like I had a lose wheel and shouldn't be driving. So I pulled off and headed to Tate Boys Tires. I didn't stop mind you. I dropped my car off and Tod came to pick me up. (Thanks Tod!) Then I called Ed back. I knew he wouldn't be much help but in times like that you just need your dad.

The boys at Tate Boys called me about 30 minutes later. They told me they drove it about 200 yards and it stalled. They pushed it back to the bay and hoisted it up and said the drive shaft had come off. Ok, I don't know a lot about cars but I do know the word shaft is important and therefore expensive. So I called Honda Care, got a towing company to meet me at the shop. Called the Honda Dealership and they got a rental arranged for me.

Here's the kicker, remember how I said I haven't been busy at work?? Guess what today looked like--19 patients. Dr Maloy is on hospital duty and Dr Wingo took the day off. Of all days to be busy it had to be today. And I needed a way back to Bixby and guess who was leaving work early today--my friend who could give me a ride to the rental store. So I had to quit at 3 p.m.

And I haven't heard from Jim the mechanic man. . .

I'm just worn out. Bet my blood pressure is crazy high.


Laura said...

Sarah - I came across your blog through Miranda's. Hope all is well! Looks like you're doing great!