Sunday, May 18, 2008

biopsy results

So, I drove to Tulsa last Monday and took 2 hours off work to have the nurse remove the stiches from my finger. Let's just say I wasn't happy. I was told that I would be seeing the doctor. I could have removed the stiches by myself. And they didn't even have the results back yet.

Patience my friend.<----inner voice of the Holy Spirit

The doctor called last Wednesday and told me it was a glomus tumor. Rare, about 1-2% of all soft tissue tumors are glomus tumors. So much for the 'Schmidt'. But thankfully it's wasn't cancer.

I'm ok with growing unusual, benign things. As long as they come in '08. I've met my deductible.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

kiddie park

Last friday, I went with the Hindmans to Kiddie Park. We had a good time. Jarrett rode the roller coaster by himself. He was quite scared of the clowns. Bradleigh enjoyed it all--and the rope on the horse ride. They really did have a good time. I'm just not fast enough to get the smiles on film.

We had to leave kinda early because it was getting pretty cold. When we were leaving, lots of people were going out to their cars to get their cammo jackets. Too bad we forgot ours.

Gotta love Bartlesville!


Wednesday night, Bella and Bentley and myself spent an hour in the laundry room. It was quite exciting!! Thought you might like a picture~

I put some pants and some shoes in there because I thought it would be nice to have some clothing in case my house blew away! And let's not forget the purse. Always prepared

Friday, May 9, 2008


I am growing wierd things. Benign (that means not cancer) but wierd.

First, the breast lump. Found in Feburary. Removed in March. Came back as a Phyllodes Tumor. I had to look it up because I had never heard about them. They can grow very large and women have had their whole breasts removed. I caught mine before it got that big.

Then, since I'd met my deductible I went to see a hand surgeon about my little finger. It's hurt for years. On and off but more recently it's hurt every day. So last Wednesday, I had surgery to remove a "mass" in my little finger. The doctor didn't know what it was. That's a little unnerving, a doctor telling you he doesn't know what it is but hope it gets rid of my pain. Not what I wanted to hear. If it doesn't get rid of the pain, then why get it out?

So I've spent the last week with a very large "q-tip" on my finger. And walking like a snob, I was told, because I walked with it raised in the air. It hurt being below my elbow because the blood pooled and then it thumped! That's also the reason I haven't posted because it's hard to type 9 fingered.

I was told it would take a week to get the pathology back. So Wednesday came and I hadn't heard so I called their office. I was told, "The doctor has called the pathologist and hasn't gotten in touch with him." Not good news, my mind races. So I waited another day. Then I was told, "Well, the pathologist doesn't know what it is but it's benign."

So I guess I'm a unique case. Maybe it could be named after me--the Schmidt tumor. Just think, doctors telling their patients, "Oh, you've got a Schmidt." It could be fun. . . .

I thought about posting a picture but then not everybody is into medical stuff.