Saturday, March 28, 2009

gotta love oklahoma

One day you're wearing flip-flops. The next day it snows. In March. I'm staying inside today. In the Yoga Pants. And drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows.

Friday, March 27, 2009

so long

It's been forever since I've posted.

The 'crud' (yes, it is a medical term) is now here. I've been crazy busy at work the past 2-3 weeks. Spending evenings, at least 1-2 hours, finishing notes at home. I know, be jealous. And we're still short staffed at work so we're all pitching in to make sure things are finished before we leave the office. I'm just wiped out when I get home. I miss sleep. . . .because the fabulous personality that I have doesn't allow me to sleep when we're busy at work. I dream about work, worry about things, have dreams about diagnosis I missed. I'm sure you all do the same. I just wish I could dream and nice dream. About being on a beach somewhere, tanning my pasty white body. (I know about the melanoma, but I promise if I start seeing dead people I'll see the doctor Izzy Stephens/Grey's Anatomy.)

And I'm finally caught up on Lost. Well, just through Season 4. I've been recording Season 5 on the DVR and Ed and Sus told me I'm not allowed to watch without them. Those season boxed sets really get you spoiled. I try to fast forward through live tv. What did we do without them?

But life hasn't been all bad. During spring break I went with the youth on Switch Break. I hope to post some pics soon. We spent 3 days doing service projects around Tulsa. It was really refreshing. And I got to spend time with some really great kids. And slept on linoleum floors. This old lady can't do that anymore. Sleeping on the floor, ok I brought the air mattress, doesn't count as sleep. It's more of a close your eyes, turn over and bounce for awhile. Then get cold because you only have a sheet to cover you up. Because another child wakes you up crying because she is so cold and you give her your blanket. So you cover your arms up and try to go back to sleep. Then your feet get cold and you wake up and move the sheet to your feet. Get the idea? I did spend the next night in my bed because I had to work. The 'children' spent the entire night at Laser Quest. I knew I couldn't do that and work the next day. . . . Ah to be a teenager.

So that's where I've been. Crud. Linoleum. Sleep. Pretty much sums up the past few weeks.

I hope to have some fun soon. . . . maybe I'll even find some time to post some pics.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


The last week has been very busy. We are short staffed so the doc and I have stayed late every night and helped out. Like doing refills and faxing. However, doc 'doesn't know how to use the fax.' And it's true! Everything she touches gets stuck. So I run the fax.

It just makes me laugh. She has a medical degree and doesn't know how to run a fax machine. Her excuse is that fax machines came out while she was in residency. But I can type in a fax number and hit send.

The flu is showing up here. Better late than never. But Tamiflu, which has been our 'go to drug' the past 5 years, doesn't help because the strains of flu are 98% resistant. So my best advice--GET THE FLU SHOT. Because we don't have any medicine to help you.

Anyway, off my soap box.

Quote of the week:

I asked, should we say less educated for lack of a better term, patient about her social history and where she was working.

This was her reply:

"I work at Eggbert's and Kmart. But I'm going to University of Phoenix to get my doctorate in anthropology."
"Oh really," I replied, "What are you going to do with that?"
"Become a medical examiner in forensics. But right now I'm just working on my associate's degree."
"That's cool," I tried to say while biting my tongue.
She was also the patient who was questioning me why I running a pregnancy test since her last period was the first of December.
Ah, life!