Saturday, June 26, 2010


My bestest PA friend, Rebecca, is pregnant. And having twins!! A boy and a girl. Asher and Abigail. They are scheduled to arrive 8-9-10. Isn't that fabulous? I asked if they could be born at 11:12am. Her doctor said no.

Today we had a shower for her. We had a 'two peas in a pod' theme. It was SO cute. We even had goodie bags with doublemint gum!! I was so blessed to help with two fabulous cooks and one lady with one eye for design. (I've been packing and moving so I just made bread.) We had a great time and I can't wait to meet Asher and Abigail.

Congrats Rebecca!!

finally moved

Well, I finally feel like life is getting back to normal. And I can blog again. Well, in between unpacking boxes. I got my computer back up and running this evening and feel so free! And the internet is up as well. So here are some pictures over the past few days.
Can't wait to have everyone over. The pool is less than a mile away. And nachos de cortez can be ordered for pickup to go with the margaritas. (If you haven't had them, they are fabulous--from Compadres here in Owasso--my co-worker Mandee introduced me.)

That's what you'll get if you come and help unpack!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

waiting . . .

So after lots of rain, like 6" in one day last week, and other troubles with the builder, don't get me started, I'm still living with Dad. Hopefully if all goes as planned we're closing Thursday at 4pm. Please keep it in your prayers. Not really sure why this is all happening--I haven't prayed for patience recently. . . . But trying to stay positive.

So, prayerfully, we'll be moving in Friday morning. So if you're out and about and wanna come by to unpack, just come on up to Owassy!!

And I'll try to get some newer pictures on here once we close!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

i'm gonna be a (real) aunt

I've been biting my tongue for weeks to tell you all that Laura and Jonathan are expecting!! I consider myself an 'aunt' to all my friend's kids, but this time I'm related and I'm 'really' an aunt!!

(I asked if I could call it Cletus the Fetus and was told no. Same for chicken fry, as in chicken fried rice. Guess I'll just wait to teach it 'pull my finger' and all the other wonderful things I've taught my other nieces and nephews: Wet Willy's, medical terms like syphyllis, etc. Their parents love me!!)

We're so thrilled at the new edition to the Schmidt/Teal Family coming in December!!!

You can see pictures & read more about it here:

So exciting, isn't it?!?!