Wednesday, April 14, 2010

work & dating.

Haven't been doing much of that lately. It has been SOOO slow at work. And I have a great PA student so she's doing most of the work. So now I'm really bored. And they blocked most of the really good internet sites to surf. If only it were November and I had Christmas cards to address . . .

But two funny stories from work this week.

First, a lady says to me, "So you're fat so you understand how it feels." What? I may be overweight but I don't think I'm fat. I may say I'm fat but NO ONE else can call me that. It's just rude. It's ok--she's kinda strange so it really didn't hurt my feelings.

So same day as I get called fat, an older patient brings in her list of blood pressures. Not only are there blood pressures on her list, about 10 times a day, but also comments. Like, "Rats! Nuts! My scale seems stuck." Our favorite? "Pulse high from eating," which then is scratched out and replaced with "post coitus." Um, she's about 80. Or older. Gross me out!! If you don't know what coitus is, google it.

And dating. Well, let's just say I have some funny stories for my dating book I'm going to write someday.

I've joined eHarmony. Again. Well, I actually joined awhile ago. But was too afraid to discuss it. My goal this time? Having 500 men 'close' communication with me. Well, I achieved my goal this last week. (I'll give you my signature if you want. Insert applause.)

But the BEST was some responses I got from a guy. Why do they have to be one extreme or the other?? Where are all the 'NORMAL,' Christian guys?

Hope you enjoy. I think it speaks for itself.

The questions are ones I sent him--the responses are all his own.

Looking back on your life, of what are you most proud? I guess I'm most proud of my son. He honors Christ, remembers scripture verses, gives generously, prays earnestly, exalts God, obeys his parents, learns and remembers lessons from scripture, and is absolutely brilliant. He exhibits more wisdom than I do, and has far better theology than 90% of preachers in America today. By the way, he's 7.

Describe an interest you have that you would truly hope your partner could share with you. Evangelism, street preaching, door to door and fair booth-type witnessing. The woman I marry, if I am to, must share passion for lost souls. I am also keen to home school our children. I really believe that the home is the best place to learn, and that parents are the best teachers. In fact, I start my teaching licensure this fall, and should be done by the time I retire.

How important is it to you that your partner fulfill traditional gender roles? (I asked this because I like my job and would like to continue working - - - yada, yada--just seeing what he thought about that) Not important, I like doing things around the house. But I'm also used to doing chores because I'm compelled to do it. However, I do believe there is a big difference between what we consider 'traditional gender roles' and the model of marriage Christ laid down in Scripture, and I believe a Christian man and woman ought to model the roles for marriage as set forth in the Bible for the sake of the Gospel. That makes a perfect marriage, and one that is Christ-honoring and God-exhalting.

Just so you know, I closed communication with him.

I'm beginning to feel like I may be single awhile longer. So I'm waiting.

Hope you can laugh. I'm off to do some fair booth-type witnessing. . .