Thursday, August 21, 2008


My grandmother's sister, Helen, has been sick for the past two months following a surgery that was suppose to make her better. There were times we didn't think she'd make it through the night. But our God is a Healer. Here's what my cousin Amy sent me in an email today. The poem is by my uncle Harry, Helen's husband. What an amazing God we have.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Since I last wrote so much has happened. On July 17th Gram was moved from Liberty ICU to LTAC Hospital. LTAC is a longterm acute care hospital that specializes in weaning people from the ventilator and wound care. The transition to the new hospital went very well. The next morning I flew out for San Antonio then Mexico for a 2 ½ week medical mission trip. God had laid this trip on my heart at the beginning of 2008. In the weeks prior to my departure a battle began in my heart. I had been with Gram every possible moment since she got sick. I would now be gone for 2 ½ weeks. God used a variety of people to remind me that God was the one in control of Gram’s healing not me. Before I left Gram was still very confused, fully on the ventilator, and had the wound vac on the abdominal wound. She still had a long ways to go before we could even be sure we would one day get to take her home. Climbing on the plane for San Antonio was a very difficult thing to do but once on the plane I had a tremendous peace that Gram was going to do great while I was gone.

When I got back Gram had been breathing on her own about 6 days, her abdominal wound was healing so well and it was so small they had discontinued the wound vac (the machine helping her wound heal) and were now just doing dressing changes every shift. We realized that a lot of Gram’s confusion was probably from chronic sleep deprivation. If you have ever been in an ICU you know they are very loud. This coupled with the need for the nursing staff to be continuously “messing” with her during the night Gram was exhausted. She had made so much progress they were able to move her out of the ICU to the regular floor and change part of her nightly routine allowing her more sleep. In very short order our Gram was back in rare form and the confusion was gone. She wanted to hear all that she had missed out on for the past few months. I am continuously amazed God blessed us with this miracle.

Yesterday she had her trach taken out and the hole is healing wonderfully! They have stopped her tube feedings at night so she needs eat all of her caloric needs. Not eating for so long coupled with her hiatal hernia (stomach in her chest) makes her fill up very quickly. Please pray she can eat enough for her to continue to heal and the energy she needs. We are currently planning on moving to the Living Community the end of this week. She is looking forward to being back in St. Joe. She loves phone calls, cards and visits.

Thank you all so much for your phone calls, messages, emails, visits and hugs. When things seemed the bleakest and the Lords will was unclear for the final outcome you all were the support we needed. More importantly thank you for your prayers! We had wonderful doctors and nurses caring for Gram but medicine is only a tool in the hands of The Healer. My eyes are getting misty as I’m typing this. Words can not express how grateful our whole family is for each and everyone of you. Gramps has written three poems since Gram’s been sick. Below is the most recent. Again, thank you all SO SO SO much! We have witnessed a miracle!

To Him be the glory,

He has performed a Miracle!
Dear God, we prayed and prayed and prayed
As we are inclined to do,
We asked for this on miracle,
That only comes through you!
For June the first until this day,
We’ve watched your healing power,
You’ve shown us, each one daily
How you heal in the darkest hour!
In this hospital room we keep praying,
As she improves from day to day
You’ve improved her breathing and walking,
You’ve only done it God’s way!
The doctors and nurses are super,
Humble and helpful in every way,
They’ve made this experience pleasant,
New rewards we receive each day!
You promised to never leave or forsake us,
You’re always there when our need is great,
You’ve favored we both in our lifetime,
Whether the path was crooked or straight!
Looking forward on our lives with favor
Looking to You, for what’s instore,
Living our lives as a witness
We’ll praise Your name forevermore!
-Harry Cornelius