Thursday, August 21, 2008

the pilot

So I finally have my car back. It was an interesting week. I was told the car would be ready on Friday.

As I'm filling up the rental to take it back, Jim called from the shop and told me they found some loose things that wouldn't be covered under my warranty and I would be paying for them, $70. I asked exactly what was loose and he told me a few bolt. I questioned him but he assured me it wasn't covered.

I am not a woman to just roll over and take it. So I called my dad, the Honda dealer in Bartlesville, and the Tate Boys Tires again. All told me not to pay.

So I get to the dealership and he tells me the cost will be $40. Nice of him to take $30 off, isn't it? And I stand my ground. I don't budge. He finally says, "Well, I don't want you to feel like I'm being unfair so why don't I just take the charges off?"

I got home and felt really bad. I felt like as a Christian I shouldn't be difficult like that. But I didn't want to be taken advantage of because I'm single and a female. I'm fine with it now. Although I still wonder if they think I was a witch. . . .