Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winter Jam 09

Last night I went here
And had a great time! Little did I know we should have arrived earlier than the 6pm door opening time. IT WAS CRAZY.

But I do love tobyMac so I'll sit anywhere to see him. Including behind the stage. The place was PACKED and the only place we could find seats was behind the stage. People were sitting in the aisles and standing everywhere. So at least we had seats.

But way fun. And I know I'm getting old because I was really concerned that I forgot my ear plugs at home. And that I would have to use my fingers to plug my ears all night long. But the speakers were facing the opposite direction. And my ears only rang until I fell asleep.

And if you love tobyMac too, I really suggest buying the alive and transported album. It includes a CD of the live concert and a DVD as well. I told the girls with me last night that we can put in the DVD and watch the show from my couch, and see the front of the stage. :)

Enjoy the short video I caught. It's like you're behind the stage with us!


sonja said...

How do find out about these shows? I am really out of the loop, but I would like to take Jack to a "real" concert for his 10th birthday next November. He loves almost all of the bands he hears on Air1. And, btw, my favorite song on Air1 is DiverCity. I turn into a dancing freak (geek) whenever I hear it.

sonja said...

oops -- that is supposed to be Diverse City. We at first thought that they were making a play on words and my brain still goes back to that original thought.