Monday, February 16, 2009


The lawsuit has been dismissed!! What a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!! Praise the Lord!! Now I can start sleeping again!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who's been praying!!! The Lord is Good!!! All the Time!!!

I'm using exclamation marks all night!!!! And maybe into tomorrow!!!!!

And my new theme song is playing to the right. Sorry about the Beyonce--I think we've all had enough of her!!!


Courtney said...

yeah. you should um...probably check out a post I wrote in your honor! :) (not the most recent)

Sarah said...

so funny!!! thanks!! I'm changing the songs as we speak

Rick and Kylee said...

I hate lawyers!

Sarah said...

i just hate the ones who sue me--but i like my friends! wish I could've called and asked you questions. how are you guys??