Saturday, February 21, 2009

wonder where i've been?

In front of my tv. Catching up on LOST.

I got tired of everybody talking about it and having NO idea what was going on. So I started watching shows on-line. But my home office isn't very condusive to comfy tv show watching so I decided to rent the shows at BlockBuster. But $4 a disc x 6-8 discs per season x 4 seasons is a lot of money to have nothing to show in return.

So I bought all 4 seasons. At
I'm catching up, slowly.

I've also hooked Ed and Sus in. I actually got nothing done last week so I left Season 3 at their house last weekend. Mom called a couple of days ago and asked where Season 4 is.

Dad asked what kind of genre this tv show is. (Not sure he's into SciFi like Sus and me.) But he's still hooked.

So if you haven't seen them and are feeling left out, I'll let you borrow them!


sonja said...

Everyone is trying to get me to watch this too. However, I just started Grey's Anatomy and I don't have time for two series (ie, two addictions). I really don't have time for one! Maybe next year! And yes, it really is almost 2 am; I took a nap with Brooke today and can't sleep now. I am going to be suffering tomorrow when all of the kids wake me up at 6am.