Saturday, March 7, 2009


The last week has been very busy. We are short staffed so the doc and I have stayed late every night and helped out. Like doing refills and faxing. However, doc 'doesn't know how to use the fax.' And it's true! Everything she touches gets stuck. So I run the fax.

It just makes me laugh. She has a medical degree and doesn't know how to run a fax machine. Her excuse is that fax machines came out while she was in residency. But I can type in a fax number and hit send.

The flu is showing up here. Better late than never. But Tamiflu, which has been our 'go to drug' the past 5 years, doesn't help because the strains of flu are 98% resistant. So my best advice--GET THE FLU SHOT. Because we don't have any medicine to help you.

Anyway, off my soap box.

Quote of the week:

I asked, should we say less educated for lack of a better term, patient about her social history and where she was working.

This was her reply:

"I work at Eggbert's and Kmart. But I'm going to University of Phoenix to get my doctorate in anthropology."
"Oh really," I replied, "What are you going to do with that?"
"Become a medical examiner in forensics. But right now I'm just working on my associate's degree."
"That's cool," I tried to say while biting my tongue.
She was also the patient who was questioning me why I running a pregnancy test since her last period was the first of December.
Ah, life!


rachel white said...

i think, maybe, she has been watching too many episodes of csi.

but that might just be my cynical side coming out. : )