Monday, February 16, 2009


So as a single gal still gagging from Valentine's Day I went to church yesterday to find solace.

Not so much.

What are we discussing for the next 6 weeks? Marriage. (I know. Princess Bride running through the memory, "Marriage is what brings us together today. Love, true love . . . " with the lisp of course)

I digress . . .

Yeah, marriage. And the Vow. That's the title of the series. Like I need to be taking notes on the Vow. I'm so far from that at this point. Haven't been on a date since the 90's. The recent ones don't count because I was paying for them.

So I'm praying under my breath, "OK God. I like this church. But you know how I lose interest in marriage sermon series." After 31 years of marriage talks, I've heard it all.

But this was different.

(Maybe it was the hunk sitting in front of me raising his hand that he's single. AND TAKING NOTES. No I did NOT introduce myself, that's just sad.)

I again digress.

We were challenged to put God #1 and our spouse, someday, #2. I've heard it before. But this time it sunk in. He asked us if we really were putting God #1 like we were when we were looking for a mate. (Back to the dating above) I've done it all--E-Harmony/It's Just Lunch. Maybe I need to join God.

So I'm praying, every day, for something specific about my future spouse.

This morning, as I'm grumbling and complaining while driving to work still mad that I said I would pray for my spouse and 31 years later still single, I start praying:

OK God. This is it. You ARE #1. I'm not trying to find a mate anymore. I'm focusing on YOU and what YOU have for my life.

And I look up and see a rainbow. And I start crying. A rainbow in February in Oklahoma. Not so much. God--oh, so much! See, a rainbow is a sign that God would never destroy the Earth by water again. For me, it was God showing me He heard--and He wouldn't destroy my desire and my heart and His promise to always provide for me.

So Valentine's Day came on the 16th of February this year for me.

God is #1.

Oh, and tomorrow I'm praying for a Starbuck's Mocha Non-Fat No Whip. God did it last time, He can do it again . . . . :)

Love you all!


your little sis said...

I'm crying and class is just about to start...remind me not to check your blog in the morning anymore! Just joking...ou are such an inspiration to me, and I couldn't imagine having a better big sister. I love you more than you'll ever know!!!