Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I thought I'd share with you something new I learned. After stopping at 2 Post Offices yesterday for Christmas stamps and being told both were out but would be getting some soon. And after having another close in my face at 4:30pm (what is up with that?) I learned you can order stamps on-line and they will mail them to you. How fabulous is that? A dollar for shipping, that's all it cost. And I don't have to go back to the Post Office. Yippeeee!!!


Rick and Kylee said...

I've also heard that you can order through catalogs and they will deliver the stuff to the store for pick-up and then all you have to do is drive to the store and pick it up. You never have to shop at the store. What will they think of next. Also, I heard that you can order women from other countries to marry you and then you don't even have to mess around with dating or even visiting other countries because you have married the culture, too. Finally, I hear you can grow your own food in the back yard and then you don't have to shop at all. OK, no more sass. Thanks for the tip and Merry Christmas. I do believe that this is the longest posting ever. Amen.

Sarah said...

thanks for the sarcasm guys!