Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a funny story

So last night I get home and decide to get some Christmas stuff out of the attic. I climb up the attic and see a light switch is turned on and there is no light.

Climb back down the ladder, get new light bulb, climb back up the ladder and take out the old lightbulb and try the new one.

No luck.

Back down the ladder to get another lightbulb out of the package. Because if the first one didn't work, the 2nd one must. Climb back up the ladder.

No luck.

Back down the ladder to get the flashlight. Back up the ladder and hold the flashlight with one hand while pushing boxes to the ladder with my feet.

I carry them one by one down the ladder and start making a pile.

About the 5th trip down the ladder, I notice a light switch on the wall of the garage about half way up the wall. It's off. I turn it on. And THERE WAS LIGHT.

No matter, I giggle and think great story for the blog.

After I finish with the boxes, I turn off the other switch because who knows what that controls and I can hear electricity running through it.


Get out of bed, check the thermostat. It's 60. Turn up the temp a couple of degrees, nothing.

Then light goes on in my head--THAT SWITCH IN THE ATTIC.

Get in my car at 5:30 AM. Back the car out. Climb up into the attic and flip the switch. Furnace turns on.

Then I climb back in bed.

Moral of the story: I now know where the power switch to my furnace is located: in the attic. I also know where the light switch for the attic is.

Now if I only had a label maker . . . . .


Courtney said...

ahjhahahahahahahaha. i love your stories

things like that happen to you and in movies

Courtney said...

hope you didn't trash that first lightbulb

Sarah said...

oh no, both were thrown away and I wasn't digging through the trash for them. They're gone.

Megan said...

Oh that is funny! Strange place for the furnace switch :-)

Hope you're doing well!!

khowze said...

I have a label maker!

Sarah said...

I'm borrowing that thing!