Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas!

My mother, the decorator, came over and helped me with my mantle decorations for Christmas. And since none of you have come over to see it, here are the pictures. I just love decorating for Christmas, but it sure takes a long time. And living almost in Texas, as I'm told by my friends, no one comes over to appreciate it. And Bella and Bentley are tired of me looking at the decorations and saying, "Aren't they pretty?" They think "Christmas tree" sounds too much like "treat" so off to the treat jar they run every time I talk about it.
And Merry Christmas!!
"The Earth is full of His unfailing love"
Psalm 33:5

My tree

My Christmas Dishes.

Three Christmases waiting outside Dillards on the 26th to get the 50% Off Sales. I just love them!!

My Dining Room--unused, but decorated none the less.

Learned that from Sus--setting the table even though no one is coming.

And my mantle--didn't my mom do a great job? One for the cover of Southern Living!!!


Courtney said...

you havea really great house! it's beautiful. your mom did a great job.

way to go! :)

and wow...THREE years?

Courtney said...

oh yeah and you kinda made me sad about setting the table even though no one is coming...:(

kimberly said...

It looks great!! Kylie and I were shopping and I picked out Christmas china that i wanted and she said 'that's what sarah has'!

Sarah said...

Oh don't be sad. You get to use all your dishes that way!

sonja said...

I am looking at these pictures on Jan 6 and they made me wish it was Christmas again! Wow -- your home and furniture are beautiful!