Wednesday, December 3, 2008

living alone

I really enjoy living by myself, most of the time. If the kitchen is dirty when I leave, it will be dirty when I get home. No one else to blame but myself. Not so much the roommates. (love you Lou) I could clean the kitchen, leave, come home and it was dirty. Angering.

But today I experienced one not so good thing about living alone:

Running out of toilet paper.

See, if you live with others you can yell for TP.

Not so much when you live alone. I'm thinking about letting the dogs go to seeing eye dog training camp to learn to fetch needed things for me. We've all seen the videos of dogs getting their owners beer from the fridge. I think they could be trained to fetch TP.

But in the end, another reason to live alone: running through the house with pants around your ankles looking for TP. . . . .


denise said...

What a vision! I love your life inspire me!

Rick and Kylee said...

love it!!!!

Laura & Jonathan said...

I know you REALLY miss living with me, even if you don't admit it. :-) Plus, if I was there, I could've brought your TP to you...ha ha. Love you and miss you! Happy birthday!!!