Wednesday, July 16, 2008

what's wrong with your eyes

Got to work on Monday and Heather asked me what was wrong with my eyes. Thought to myself, "be honest or lie?" So I told the truth. I could've just told her I left my eyeliner at home, which I had. (It's amazing what eyeliner adds)

I've had this bump on my inner canthus of my right eye for a couple of months. (that's the inside corner of my eye for all you non-medical people) And it's been growing. So I thought it was an inclusion cyst--something that could be opened up. So, I got a needle and tried to poke it. Nothing happened. So I poked a few more times, nothing came out. But it got pretty irritated.

Woke up the next morning and my eye was pretty red and swollen and gooey.

Nice, eh??

There's always something nice to telling the truth.


Nise(Denise) said...

Try not to Dr. yourself, girlfriend.

rachel white said...

thank you for defining canthus. (sp?)

and thanks for your encouraging words. by the way, when i said "doctor" on my blog what i should have said was "p.a.". we LOVE margaret, our p.a., way better than any of the pediatricians we have seen. so, we keep going back to her! i thought you'd get a kick out of that.

: )