Monday, July 21, 2008

rock the reception

The summer is always a bummer when there are no new shows on TV. One of my new favorites is Rock the Reception on TLC. (It comes on after Say Yes to the Dress, another of my favorites, on Tuesday evenings.) Couples are getting ready for their wedding and two dance instructors choreograph their first dance. It is really fun.

Last week, there was a couple who danced to MC Hammer. Their wedding was really emotional because the bride had been diagnosed with breast cancer and they really wanted to liven up the mood of reception. They wore gold high tops. It was really good. If you can TiVo/DVR it, you should.

So on that note, if I ever find a guy and get to have a dance at my reception I'm going to Rock the Reception to Ordinary Love by TobyMac (see previous post). I've added it to the music so I hope you like it. It will be choreographed and awesome so watch out!!

(The "get to" comment is regarding a comment I made many moons ago about wanted to get married in Hawaii--since then no one has let me live it down. Most family/friends are counting on me to get married someday so they can get to Hawaii. We'll see. I can't see dancing on a beach to TobyMac but weirder things have happened.)


rachel white said...

i have not yet seen the show. but sure have seen a bunch of commercials for it. and, honestly, i can SO envision you doing that!! : )

of course, this requires that your groom be super i'll lift up specific prayers for that. : )