Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the vacation

Not so much of one of those beach vacations, we went to St. Louis. But we had a great time anyway. By we, I mean Suz and Ed. Not me and the dogs. Just so you know.

Here are some pics highlighting our outings:

the cards game
They actually won in the 9th inning. It was a great game. Homeruns and all!

Mom, Dad and me
It's one of Dad's favorite places.
If he could retire there, he would!

Jonathan and Laura

Us trying to stay dry during a 45-min rain delay.
It was windy, notice Suz's hair!
The quote of the trip by a girl on Cards Vision.
An announcer was asking kids to do their talents.
Announcer: "What's your name?"
Girl: "Ellie"
Announcer: "What's your talent?"
Girl: "I can yodel," then began the worst yodeling we've ever heard. It was NOT yodeling nor was it in any pitch. People in the stadium were cracking up. I just wish I recorded it.
Then (the quote of the trip) "I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew!"
So, that became the slogan of the trip. Use it, it's funny. But I know, had to be there.

july 4th
If you have never seen fireworks under the Arch, do it! It's one of the top 10 firework displays in the US. (So Laura told us multiple times.) We decided to take the Metro so we wouldn't have to park downtown. It was the thing to do, per the website. The rival Cubs were in town and downtown was packed. It was quick and easy getting there, but 100,000+ people trying to get home on the Metro was another story.

After the fireworks were over, we passed by 3 different Metro stations with very long lines. After waiting in one such line, I saw a Metro Bus with our stop on it's sign. We sprinted to get on it. Paid our $1.75 for the ride back to our car, and 70 minutes later, we arrived.

It was a L-O-N-G ride. But it did give me time to reflect on how blessed I am. To have a vehicle and to be so blessed to go anywhere I want, when I want.

Americans are so spoiled. We'll see how long that lasts with $4.00 a gallon gas!

Enough said. No pictures are needed. But if you need proof, I can send you a copy of my credit card bill. You can even pay it!

We did get to a Coach outlet. We overheard one lady explaining to her companions that the larger the 'C,' the newer the purse. I would love to afford the 'big C' but my budget can only afford the little C. We got a great deal. Love the outlet stores!

jeff city
I haven't been to Jeff City since my Grandfather's funeral in '92. My Dad's parents are buried there (Herman and Metta-great names). We stopped and checked on their headstones, another way you know you are getting older-visiting cemeteries. And mom wrote down dates from the family members births and deaths for the family tree.

I reminded myself that their bodies may be there but they aren't there. They are in Heaven and I'll get to see them someday. What a Great Promise we have! And how I thank God each day for Christian ancestors and the legacy they have left. Thank you!

My Dad's family came to Jeff City before WWII and were active citizens in the community. A few years ago, they named an alley after them. Not a road; an alley-we're not street naming kind of folk. We're the behind-the-scenes people. I found it quite truthful.

There were some mailboxes with 'Schmidt Way' as an address. That would be cool.

If I moved to Jeff City I would live on Schmidt Way, even if it is an alley.