Friday, June 11, 2010

i'm gonna be a (real) aunt

I've been biting my tongue for weeks to tell you all that Laura and Jonathan are expecting!! I consider myself an 'aunt' to all my friend's kids, but this time I'm related and I'm 'really' an aunt!!

(I asked if I could call it Cletus the Fetus and was told no. Same for chicken fry, as in chicken fried rice. Guess I'll just wait to teach it 'pull my finger' and all the other wonderful things I've taught my other nieces and nephews: Wet Willy's, medical terms like syphyllis, etc. Their parents love me!!)

We're so thrilled at the new edition to the Schmidt/Teal Family coming in December!!!

You can see pictures & read more about it here:

So exciting, isn't it?!?!


Laura and Jonathan said...

We think it's pretty exciting, too! You're going to be the BEST aunt ever...except for teaching them to give wet willies and say awful things...but otherwise the BEST! Love you.

Casey said...

Congratulations on finally being a 'real' aunt!! You are gonna make a fabulous one!!!