Thursday, October 1, 2009

where I've been

Sorry--the H1N1 has hit. My hog farmer family members ask that I not call it 'Swine Flu' since it hurts their business. I'm seeing about 5-10 patients a day with it. And Doc was out for a week with it. I'm just now catching up from being busy, ok overwhelmed. I do enjoy being busy and not surfing the net though--now that they've blocked facebook at work.

And the fall is always bad on my mood. . . so I've been eating a lot of oreos, double stuffed. And sleeping.

And patients are really getting on my nerves. The crazies have been out for weeks. Let me just tell you, a please and a grateful attitude really go a long way--much farther than yelling, cussing and complaining. Just so you know.

And no one has come to look at my house in 5 weeks. So I brought the dogs home on Saturday-Mom & Dad have been caring for them since August. I've had 2 lookers since Saturday. Once with laundry drying in the spare bedroom. So I've rushed home to get the dogs and throw underwear in the closet. I just hope I can find them again. And hope that my house sells quickly.

And I'm single and turning 32 quickly.

And with all the steroids over the summer, I'm fat.

See where I'm going. I'm irritable. And need a REALLY long vacation. That's why I haven't posted. But there you go. That's where I am. Being aware there is a problem is always step 1, right?


Courtney said...

at least that post was better than reading the "ewwwww" post time you decide to leave here for a long time, at least not leave it on THAT note, okay?!

glad you're back. sorry about all the crazies and sickies, and the down right rude! they're everywhere.

Laura and Jonathan said...

Love you, sis! Hope things turn around soon. And you have the cutest house in your whole's just waiting for the perfect person to find it. :-)

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