Sunday, October 11, 2009

the house

Is STILL on the market.

Here's the situ:
Two weekend ago, I was like, forget it, it'll never sell. I'm taking the dogs back. So I did. Went to B'ville--got the dogs, and all their gear, and came home.
Next day, I get a call from a realtor who wants to show the house between 4 and 5pm.
WHAAAA??? I'm 30min away at work and its 1:15pm.
Thank heavens the schedule was light and I drove frantically home. Got there in time. Picked up all the laundry that was 'air drying' on the guest bed--threw them in the car. Threw the rest of the dirty laundry in the car. Carried dirty dishes and stacked them on top of the clean dishes in the dishwasher. (Classy, I know) Grabbed the dogs and got in the car.
Since I'd left work in such a rush, we headed to McDonalds because I'd seen that they have WiFi. Uh, that you have to pay $3 for 24hrs of usage.
So, classy lady and her two dogs, dirty laundry, some clean laundry, are sitting in the parking lots of McDonalds so I can work on my laptop.
Be Jealous, be very jealous.

Get home--they haven't come by. So 20min after 5, they show up. So out the door with the dogs on a leash. About 15 min later come home and can't get in the garage door because it's locked. So I have to call my realtor to call the other realtor to come back and let me in.
All that--and no stinking contract.

2 more lookers after that and no contract.

Today? Open house and no one came.

I'm getting frustrated. But:
1. My pantry is clean, vacuumed and I found some thermoses I'd forgotten about.
2. I now know how long it takes to clean a house: 10min when you can throw stuff in a car.
3. There are variations on 'clean'
3. My closet is very well organized and color coordinated.

It's hard to wait on God's timing. So here's praying I let God take back control. . . .

Oh, and 1 week from tonight? U2!!! I'm so pumped!!!!


sonja said...

Sarah- I think I missed why you are selling your house. Are you wanting to move to a different area?