Tuesday, June 10, 2008

summer 'do

The dogs went to the groomer's yesterday and got a summer 'do. I was having such a hard time keeping their coats non-matted. I was really embarrassed knowing the groomer would think I'm such a bad pet parent. I really try hard but having the dogs in and out in the rain/mud all day really does makes their cuts hard to keep up with. Plus Bentley, the black dog, has such a time with the 100+ heat and poor Bella is getting such a heavy coat. So, they got shaved.

Mom and Dad brought them home yesterday and I laughed as they ran inside!! They look like really big rats. Bentley was acting a bit off and Mom said he was embarrassed because he didn't have any hair. I don't think dogs have a sense of embarrassment.

Just thought I'd share the laugh. It'll grow back, right??