Friday, June 27, 2008

laura's visit #1

My sis came down today to go to a friend's Bachelorette Party this weekend. We have been quite the nerds and are playing on the computer. (We did however go to eat and try to find a Wii Fit. Most, ok all, of the time was spent in the car driving to and from different stores. If you have found a Wii Fit I would love some advice.) She showed me how to add a playlist to my blog. I thought some tunes would be nice to listen to as you read. . . Then, my computer crashed. I'm blaming it on her (little does she know it does this frequently since it runs on Windows Vista). Enjoy and sing along--I do. Make sure to use a microphone, fists or pens work nicely.

Quote of the night: (from the teenager working in the electronics section of Wal-Mart)
Sarah: "Do you have any Wii Fits?"
Clerk: "No"
Sarah: "Do you know when you will be getting more?"
Clerk: "No, we only get them when they send them to us."
Sarah: "Uh, ok, thanks."
Laura: "I don't think he realizes how stupid he sounded. It probably sounded better in his head."
Sarah: to self, "thank you Captain Obvious."


Courtney said...

jeff wants one really bad too! no luck yet

Nise(Denise) said...

I ordered my WII Fit from Amazon. I did pay more, but I got it quickly. Love your blogs.