Wednesday, June 4, 2008

st louis

My 'little' sister turned 28 last Friday. I left work early and flew up to spend the weekend with her. We were going to go see the new Sex in the City movie, but were just a little too busy to make it there.

I got to meet Samuel Glasser--pics on her blog. He found my shirt amazing. Then we ate some fabulous pizza at Dewey's, rented the new National Treasure 2 (quite good) which I fell asleep during.

On Saturday, Laura and I went shopping, DUH! We got some accessories for her house. Their house is so cute--I'm amazed at what they've done. We went to eat at Cunneto's--best Italian food ever. We also went to a comedy club--a first for me. There were some really funny comedians! I'm still giggling.

Then I came home Sunday. I guess they had some really bad storms Sunday morning. With all the rain we've had my backyard is a swamp. So, I got to bathe two dogs Sunday evening. I bathed Bentley first and then Bella. Then I went looking for Bentley so I could dry them. I couldn't find him anywhere!! I thought he had learned how to open doors. Then I found him, in my pillows because 1) he didn't want to get bathed again or 2) he was cold. Bella was jealous and had to get in the picture as well. I think it's quite cute.


Laura said...

That's hilarious! All you can see in the last picture are Bentley's eyes. It reminds me of the Booker T. Washington fight song...Jonathan will have to sing it to Bentley the next time we're there! Love you all!

rachel white said...

hi. glad you had fun with your sis!

i'm tagging you. go check it out.

khowze said...

I've tagged you..check my blog!