Friday, November 5, 2010

Haidyn's Room

In October, Dad and I went to see Laura and Jonathan in STL. We went for Haidyn's 3D Ultrasound. While we were there, Laura and I did some decorating.

One of my favorite things about my Mom was her decorating sense. We didn't always agree about how many pleats or gathers should be on my drapes, but it always turned out better when I listened to her. Laura and I have missed decorating Haidyn's room with her. I'm beginning to think some of her sense rubbed off on us. We did pretty good together.

One thing Laura cried about after finding out she was pregnant was having 'store bought' bedding since Mom wouldn't be around to make it. God stepped in twenty years ago and introduced us to Michelle, one of Mom's Precept friends. Mom and Michelle are to blame for the 50+ pillows in the Schmidt house. So guess who offered to make Haidyn's bedding? Yup, Michelle.

God is SO Good!!

Of course I can't find the pictures of the bedding but I'll put them on here when I do.

And the drapes, well we bought them and added trim, with hot glue. I'm pretty impressed. Hopefully they'll stay up for awhile. They look really expensive and that's really all that matters, right?