Tuesday, October 12, 2010

doggie door

Some of you might remember the post about finding the switch to my furnace while getting Christmas boxes out of the attic.
I'm pretty handy, but sometimes I'm a bit over zealous. As in the case of my doggie door.

My new back door is full glass with blinds between the two panes. So putting a doggie door in the glass wasn't an option. Neither was buying a new door--it was like $500. And the storm doors with doggie doors in them were U-G-L-Y. Think 'Rasing Arizona' trailer look. So I googled doggie doors for a month before deciding on the only option.

1. Purchase a doggie door online that could be put in a glass storm door. ($150 + shipping)
2. Purchase storm door. ($280)
3. Have glass cut for doggie door that could fit in storm door. ($185)

See, much cheaper. . .

But no one told me doors come in different widths. Yes, that's right. I bought the wrong size door. The 36" door was just about 4 inches too wide. No one told me to MEASURE.

So back to Lowe's to SPECIAL ORDER a 32" door. And you know what special order means, more expensive.

And then I lost the receipt to the 36" storm door, not to mention the glass with the doggie door cut out. So they won't take it back.

And then I called the glass company, thinking they could just cut down the glass I had already purchased by 4" so it would fit in the new door. Yeah, that was too easy. The glass is tempered and will shatter when cut. Nice.

So another $300 for the new storm door, another $150 for the glass, and I finally have a doggie door in.

As you can see in the picture, it took Bentley awhile to figure it out. Guess he got confused by the glass.

Thank goodness now they're using it!

And, my front door is 36" wide so the 1st storm door is going on the front door.

So much for my brilliant ideas. . . .