Saturday, May 1, 2010

goodbye bixby, hello owasso


Well, what can I say? Ed leaves for Cuba and my house sells and I buy another one. Laura says we should send Ed away more frequently? Me, I say we need to get those Cubans praying for us more often!!
I am losing money, but am getting a really good deal on a new home in Owasso. And a great interest rate. Can't wait to have a 10min commute. And the extra money I used to spend on gas.
I'm closing on the Bixby house on May 24th. My new house (should) be ready on June 21st. I know, two moves isn't ideal. But Ed's letting me move in with him, so I'll be able to save some money.
I'll post more pictures of it when they get a little more finished. Because it's still in drywall state, I got to choose finishes. And I pretty much chose the exact same stuff I have now. I'm so predictable. But I had to look at everything first. At lease I know what I like!!

God is good, all the time!


the art of graphite said...

Good luck with your moves. Bixby I fell in love with straight away, its beautiful, would break my heart leaving that, the new house will surely become a home once your in it and settled.

Rhonda said...

Very nice!! I like them both!