Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I'm taking care of Dad's dogs this week. Let me just say 4 is WAAAYY too many. Any whoo--I found some rawhide rolls for the Springers. They chewed them for 45 min last night before I took them away--and then gave them back to them tonight. What a great treat! The usual bone lasts about 30 minutes.

So here's my night--Reagan and Rusty growling at each other while chewing their bones. Bella chews her bone for a couple of minutes, then has to run through the rest of the dogs and growl at them and then goes back under the dining room table. Repeat about every 4-5 minutes. Bentley 'guards' his bone until the other dogs are finished with theirs and then eats his. It's quite humorous.

Reagan likes to play ball, but I'm behind on my notes so I didn't throw the ball enough for her tonight, I guess. About 15 minutes ago she came in and barked at me and then walked into her crate. I think I just got flipped off, the dog-way.

It's hard not to laugh at them. Because soon Rusty will come out of my bedroom with my dirty underwear on his head or he's tossing it in the air and catching it. But it does make my underwear 'vented' or 'airy.'

Wish I would have gotten some pics or video . . .


Tina said...


I was just lurking around and came upon your story about the dogs. I often keep my mom's two dogs, which gives me 5 total. Fortunately one of my dogs prefers the outdoor life. So when I have mom's, I have 3 Shih-tzu's and a pug in the house. They are a mess when they all get together. The chasing, growling, playing and finally the sleeping....all piled in my bed (my husband LOVES this...hahah).
One of your comments on your blog is that you are a Christian and also someone who looks for the funny things in life (something like that). That fits me to a tee. I write about the things in life drive me crazy, but I look back on and laugh. Being a mom of 4 gives me lots of material! Fun stuff there.
Take care and God Bless you!!