Saturday, November 7, 2009

funniest quote of my career

This would be MUCH funnier if I felt it appropriate to use the exact words that were said on Thursday, however, it's not. So, please use your imagination.

New patient arrives in office. He's cute, 22 years old, and works out. (Meaning probably uses 'roids) So his muscles are bulging. The girls are following him around the office, drooling.

His main reason for visiting the office: "Groin Strain."

So I start asking him questions. How long had it been there? When did he first notice it? What makes it worse? Had he tried taking anything for it? Where is the pain?

Of course, he points to his inguinal canal. (Or groin)

I ask him if he's felt any bulging or anything different there.

He states: "Yeah, I have two balls"

My response: "Um, no I don't mean those balls"

He gets all flustered and says, "Oh my gosh, I didn't mean that. Yeah, there are two little balls right here."

Well, what he was feeling were not balls but his intestines. Yep, it was a hernia.

Then we had the Friends episode discussion:
"Are you sure it a hernia?"
"What else could it be?"
"A hernia."
"A hernia."


Laura and Jonathan said...

I don't know how you do it! That is so funny. I always thought people in the medical profession wouldn't tell these embarassing stories on their patients, but I guess I'm wrong. :-)

Love you and miss you lots!!!

sonja said...

Sarah since I know you, I really don't know how you keep a straight face!! :)

Speaking of balls . . . I can't include this in my Top 10 Settle Quotes because it would embarrass my little girl, but . . .

one day Claire was going down the stairs head first on her tummy. Halfway down, she said, "Oh, I hit my nuts." I said, "What did you say?" She said, "I bumped my nuts." I told her, "Honey, you don't have nuts." She replied, "I don't?"

whichwaydidshego said...

Sonja - killing me! So funny!

Anonymous said...
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