Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Day 1: Drive to "the springs." Slober so much while sleeping upright in the 3rd row you wake yourself up. Stay at the Broadmoor. I'm retiring there. Or having a destination wedding there. Just so you know.

Day 2: Drive to Pike's Peak. Get a really bad headache from the lack of oxygen. Next time I'm bringing a bottle of O2. Drive to Lake George. Get caught in downpour in Woodland Park's Walmart. Sleep with the windows open and get up at 9am.

Day 3: Accompany your father and brother-in-law fishing and read a book while sitting on the bank. Bite it--fall off a LARGE granite rock into the stream (head first while holding on for dear life to the rock), scraping my entire left leg while trying to save my dad's rod as it floats down the river. Oh, and Jonathan, he's continuing to fish because he thinks I'm joking, as I'm yelling HELP.

Gotta love vacation

And the previous post about timing? I went on a date and had a couple come look at my house, in the same evening. The couple really seemed to like it. I'm continuing to pray. . . . .I KNOW God has a sense of humor!