Tuesday, July 28, 2009

colorado pics

Sorry, I was really planning on getting some pics on the blog earlier. Still working on it but just wanted to give you a peek of the great pics Laura got.

The fam on top of Pike's Peak.

Laura and I hiked up the 'hill' behind our cabin. This is me in front of the 'back side' of Pike's peak. We had quite the few inside jokes about that. Like, is it hairy? Etc.

Then we, actually Sus, found this and knew exactly what the 'back side' meant:

I'll try to get more pics on here! Thanks for the great memories Lou!

Oh, and JT and Ed did some of this:

17 Trout! Pretty Impressive. Except Ed lost a rod and reel--while trying to pose for a pic. I'm just glad it wasn't me that lost the EXPENSIVE piece of fishing equipment in the South Platte. Oh well!


kimberly said...

I want to take the kids there next summer! i remember seeing chipmunks there when we went. you'll have to fill me in!