Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the music

I took off the music because it took forever to load and actually was a pain to update all the time. But this weekend Laura asked if I'd put it back on. So here's a couple of my new favorite songs. I know the Kelly Clarkson song is a bit crude. Sorry. But the rest of her album is AWESOME and I couldn't find any of the other songs. If you don't like the music, guess you'll have to talk to Laura, who, by the way, graduated this weekend with her MAT.

That's Master's in Teaching/Reading. I love those initials! Much better than PA-C, which my friend told all my fellow graduates at our reunion was because I only made Cs. Thanks Rick!

I'm waiting on pics from the graduation--you're going to love them. And be glad I didn't come to your graduation. (We made life-size bobble heads of Laura--because she wouldn't let us bring the fog horn!) Congrats Lou!