Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Do you ever have those days that you just need to go back to bed and start the whole day again? Well, today I discovered that I told a patient to decrease her potassium from 4 TBSP per day to 3 tsp per day. That was 2 months ago. Nice. My grandmother, the family living teacher, would be horrified if she were still alive. Good news--her K+ level was 4.6. So not so bad.

But then I stopped by the grocery store. I realized I was not the worst idiot of the day. Here's what the flyer said:

Missing Dog (with picture)
My husband accidentally sold our long haired chihuahua while selling puppies at the corner of 111th and Memorial by the Walmart. Our family is devastated. If you would please call us we will gladly reimburse your expense."

At least I'm not him.