Monday, January 26, 2009


I love wearing scrubs. Except for last week. After working really late one night on notes and wanting to sleep in, I decided to wear scrubs to work. Then a patient asked me, "Why are you wearing those blue things? You looked so nice the last time we came in and today you're wearing those." Great for the ego.

Granted, the scrubs are part of the uniform. I get to chose if I want to wear scrubs or 'real' clothes. And since we get our scrubs through a uniform service, some don't fit as well as others. And I'm not allowed to wear any other scrubs. Like my cute OU ones or my pink and black with my black crocs. I want to wear REAL scrubs!
(look how long my hair was--this is my trying to look like I'm doing something important look)
There have been times in the past that I don't allow myself to wear the scrubs since I tend to want to "fill them out." ie: gain weight. Since they're not 'real' clothes it's hard to tell how much you really weigh. Although, tight (and I do mean tight) scrubs aren't cute. Some of the scrubs are folded nicely in my closet because I can't wear them.

But these were some of my baggy ones. They weren't tight.

Really? Are you really going to tell somebody that? That they don't look nice?

Almost as nice as the pat on the stomach while asking, "When's your baby due?"
Nope. Just fat. Thanks, though.

Both things that should not be said. Please don't tell your health care provider that if they show up in your room with scrubs on. Why not complement them on showing up for work? Or thanking them for showering before coming to see you. There are other ways to make conversation.

And, on another note, why do Sweet Tarts continue to make green ones? I thought life was better when the yellow stopped showing up. Don't they know no one eats the green ones. I have a nice pile right here by the computer. I would like more blue ones instead. Maybe I can return them to Wal-Mart and ask for a refund. Reason for return: too many green Sweet Tarts!


Courtney said...

thanks! :) and...oh my goodness. i am so glad you posted that about the green candies. i don't eat green skittles or life savers or gummy bears or sweettarts. i hate the green ones. NO ONE EATS THEM. although i do give them to my kids :) i think they might grow up to think candy ONLY comes in green! :)hhahahahahh i am mean...but they are just excited to get candy, so they have no clue!

and i dont' think i am too hard on my children. i think that is just it. i am not hard enough on them. or rather i am not consistent enough with them and that is why they are royal heathens! good thing i love them dearly

Kerry Ingersoll said...

Haha! I love that you said that! I thought I was the only nerd that didn't eat the green ones! I got tagged this week with the 25 random facts about you thing...and I put that as one of my random facts. No green gummie worms/bears, lifesavers, sweet tarts, smarties, jolly ranchers. Yuck! Although I love my green apples and not so much red or yellow! Guess I'm a little complicated! :) Thanks for sharing!