Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So the game wasn't so fun.

But I had a fabulous time in Florida. 80 Degrees. Flip Flops. Capris. An afternoon on a boat in the sun. Life can't get much better.

Let me tell you, I spent Monday in bed. One, because we hadn't slept much, and Two, because I was still pouting about the game.

I meant to get on here and write all about it. But I was in bed.

At least I don't drink or do drugs when I get depressed. I just sleep. Could be worse!

I'm working on getting a slideshow put together and will post it ASAP!

And maybe next year. I just heard Sam is coming back! WOO HOO!! But I won't be going to the bowl game. I'll be at home, saving my money, throwing a REALLY big party!!

And a quote from Ed, "I'm still a Sooners fan!"