Tuesday, November 18, 2008

random things

I was "tagged" by a friend to post seven random things about myself:

1. I went to 7 different colleges. (OU-Norman, BWC-now OWU, RSU, Evangel University, OU-Tulsa, Langston, and OU HSC) I am now done.

2. I grow wierd things. Tumors, moles, whatever.

3. I like Braum's Skim Milk the best.

4. I used to be able to barf up spinach salad my mom made because I hated it so much. Didn't have to eat it for awhile.

5. My sister used to have a doll that pooped/peed after you fed her. I hooked her up to the hose in the back yard and made her pee all day long. (Sorry Laura, I know she's still a little sensitive about it.)

6. I dated a guy in college with the last name Schmitz. My name could have been Sarah Schmidt-Schmitz. Cool, eh?

7. I'm really good at Trival Pursuit. I've been known to read the cards while on the throne to study up before Christmas Eve. Just being honest.


Courtney said...


you make me laugh and giggle and smile! not many people do that

Rick and Kylee said...

you're the best! I cheat at Trivial Pursuit, too.

sonja said...

I once barfed up a coconut snow cone -- I TRIED to tell my mom that I did not like coconut and one big blue splatter later (right in front of the snow cone stand) I think she believed me!

Rick and Kylee said...

your random things are so much better than mine!