Sunday, November 9, 2008

the cost of internet

Diane, me, Cindy

This past weekend I went with the doc I work with and manager to a AAFP (American Academy of Family Practioners) Conference in Dallas. It was a really great time and I'm very excited to get to work in the morning to implement some new ideas. (Details to come)

But you know me, always finding the humor in life.

I was really upset because we stayed at a Renassiance Hotel, nice and expensive, and they charged you for internet!! Even the EconoLodge has free internet!!! They charge $9.95 a day. I thought that was ridiculous. So last night after eating at Chuy's Mexican restaurant we decided to go to the lobby (where the internet was free) and check our email. Well, there is no place in the lobby besides the bar so we went in and got a table. Well, I felt bad for taking a table so we ordered some drinks.

And $13.00 later, I had a lemon drop martini and access to the internet. Nope, didn't pay the $9.95 for the internet, but I paid $13.00 for a martini.

Oh well!


laura said...

That's awesome! I bet your martini tasted much better than the Internet. :-)

Rick and Kylee said...

i whole heartedly support you for sticking to your principles. it is logical to object to high internet charges but not to overpriced martinis. i think? you're the best----rick