Monday, September 22, 2008

green dragons, and more

Saturday, Jarrett asked if I was going to come watch his soccer game. Then asked if Bella and Bentley were coming. I think that's who he really wanted to come.

Let me just say soccer with 4 year olds is hilarious!! I have a video I will try to get uploaded, but they sure take awhile.

They run the width of the field and divide the teams into 3-on-3. The other team has played more games so they would score, and score, and score again. But sometimes, they ran to the other half of the field to use that goal because that was the goal they were using last quarter.

Then sweet Jarrett. He would kick the ball in the goal again after the other team scored. He was not very happy. Poor guy. He'll get the hang of it, they all will. But until then, it sure does make you laugh.

Feeling down about yourself? Catch a Green Dragon game. . . it could be their new slogan.

And Friday I took a "Mental Health Day." It's something my mother came up with working as a counselor at BHS. I really needed one Friday. I think we all need one somedays. My manager laughed when I told her I wasn't coming in due to my MHD. (by the way, the Hindmans came to T-town on friday and spent part of the evening at ChuckECheese. How much fun is skee ball? Do they sell home units? I need one. good stress reliever.)

But I wouldn't have done it Friday if I would have known how my Monday would end up.

#1) Rescuing a nurse who was almost flattened by a patient fainting on her, after hearing

"Sarah. . . Here . . . . Now!"

#2) Or after my next patient yells out the room, "I need help . . . . " and having to get him to Tulsa by calling 911 and EMS.

What a day!! I kept reminding myself, "the Lord doesn't give me more than I can handle." He must've thought a lot about me today. . .

And even more exciting news, they are building a Dave and Buster's in Tulsa!! Woo Hoo!! I love it ChuckECheese for adults. (and skee ball) Now I can get married. I've always thought how fabulous it would be to have rehearsal dinner at a Dave and Buster's. That's what I've been waiting for. . . . or maybe set the bar lower. . . a birthday party?

And more exciting news, Grey's starts this week!! Woo Hoo #2!! (not Woo Hoo poop just the 2nd time I said Woo Hoo. Just so you're not confused) I love when all the shows start back up in the fall. NO MORE RERUNS!!!

And sorry for the brain 'diarrhea', lots of info on the brain. . . . . . some call it ADD. I call it brain multi-tasking. Lots of ideas, only one way out.