Tuesday, September 16, 2008

american idol

Last Saturday, Liz, Kylie and I went to the final stop on the American Idol Live Tour--the Tulsa BOK Center. We had a blast!

Here's the short rundown: got wet, ate, waited in long line of cars, got wet again, sat next to 2 really old people with ear plugs, sang along, found margaritas, sang along more, got wet again, sat in car again. read below for more details:

We decided the evening involved a meal (which one doesn't?) so we tried to make reservations at Olive Garden, knowing it was going to be crowded. They don't do that. Who doesn't take reservations anymore??

Well most of you in the Tulsa area know Saturday was wet. All day. Raining. Pouring. And I needed a new umbrella. (side note: The one I hade is from 1995 that I bought with my awesome Eddie Bauer backpack before my junior year of high school. Needless to say it had done it's duty.) So I left early to go get some new, working umbrellas at Walmart and then decided to go on to Utica Square. It was 3:45. There was already a line out the door of Olive Garden when I got there at 4:20pm. And they weren't all grey hairs. (Concert was at 7:00pm) CRAZY I thought. I parked and went ahead and got on the list. Everyone in the restaurant was going to the concert. I know this because they had a very small waiting area. That combined with rain calls for close quarters. People had driven from Wichita to come to this concert.

Dinner was fab. Our waitress named about 6 entrees when asked what was her favorite! Her choice was delicious. Plus appetizers, salad, breadsticks and dessert. (I love being on a diet--all I do is think about food)

Then we head downtown. I got lost. Sorry to disappoint but I did. I usually have a great sense of direction, this time it failed me. You know when you're running late and try a new way that doesn't work, that was me. I felt horrible. Then we get stuck in a line of cars. The police are letting all the walkers cross the street with all these cars waiting to get into the parking garage. But we did find a good spot on the 4th floor. Then got wet again getting to the BOK Center. And there's not alot of over hang to collapse the umbrella and get your purse unzipped to look for bombs.

Anyway, the concert was awesome. Liz got much better pics than me. (Thanks to her for the fab pics) Chikieze was ok. Thought he was going to cry though. Ramiele was not good. Just my opinion but not good. Kristy Lee Cook was ok. I'm just not a big country fan. Michael Johns was a bit odd. Grew a moustache, gross, and a bit odd. Thought he was either high or drunk. Again, my opinion.Carly did awesome!!

Brooke also did well. She sang Coldplay's Yellow. It was great. Then she sang this song we'd never heard and had us "snap it out." Wierd. She has great hair too. I'm always envious of people whose curls stay in.

Intermission--Liz and I found the margaritas. Not the best (kind of like the margaritas at the Cardinal game, Lou) But fun none the less. A friend told me they tasted like frozen beer, great description.

Jason Castro sang one of my favorites, I'll try to upload it. Kylie and I don't think he's back in college this fall. Just a guess.

Sayesha was awesome as well. She sang Umbrella. I was the only one sitting near us who was singing along. She cried too.

Then David A. A good showing, just not my fav. He did sing One Republic's Apologize. I'll try to upload that as well.

Then our man came out. Our David Cook. He's just great.

David Cook is still looking to meet me. We are definitely going to see David Cook in concert when he comes. I love him. Come if you want, the more the merrier. And we won't eat at Olive Garden. And hopefully won't be raining either. But I have some great umbrellas if it does. And a close parking garage--we'll park on the 1st level!


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Looks like fun!