Saturday, April 12, 2008

my boyfriend and me

So one of the perks of being in the medical field is being invited to dinners. Most of the time they are boring. But I go to get a good steak, like at Fleming's and Mahogany's, at restaurants that I won't pay for myself. One of my latest adventures was to a "dinner" with Joe Montana. I don't remember what drug it was about, but I got this great picture. (So much for the signature)

What's nice about going is seeing people I know. Plus, my good friend Rebecca will usually go with me. The golden rule of going to these dinners is never go by yourself--or you'll be stuck talking to a drug rep all night! (Sorry Olivia) The bad part is waiting around for dinner. For those who know me, I eat at 5:00 sometimes 6:00 but after 6:30 I get a little cranky. Sometimes I even have to race the gray-headed folks into Furr's to get the good table. No, no I'm not that bad. . . yet.

Anyway, on this particular evening, Rebecca and I show up on time, at 5:00, and wait around for almost 2 hours. NO FOOD mind you. Finally, a line forms and we get to have our picture taken with Joe. (I've met him so I can call him by his first name) This lady grabs my purse and my water and pushes me, yes pushes, into this room. And there stands Joe. I had this great plan, I was going to introduce myself and ask him if he would mind posing like the Heisman trophy. Well, that didn't happen. I was completely dumb-founded. (He's hot) And I found myself saying, "Hi, I'm Sarah" about 10 times. What an idiot.

Oh well, at least I got a picture with him.

Rebecca and I left after that. If I knew Rebecca wouldn't kill me, I'd scan her picture too--she looks drunk and it's hilarous! But she would kill me, so I won't. I'm laughing now just thinking about that picture.