Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I haven't been blogging. Couldn't tell, could you?
I'm fine. Just a little depressed. Know how I know that? All I want to do is sleep. And I'm a little bit snippy at work.
Guess it's probably because it's coming up on the anniversary of my mom's death. Seems like yesterday. I sure miss her. We all do.
And hope I'm going to get out of this 'funk,' as dad calls it, real soon.
It is what it is. Deal with it. Right? It is what it is. Can't change it, just my attitude.
But here's a pic of our newest Team Teal member, she sure is cute!! I made us all Team Teal shirts for the hospital--iron on transfers. They were cute, just don't make it through the laundry. Oh well!


Laura and Jonathan said...

Even though "it is what it is," doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. And suck. Love you so much! We will get through this together. Call me anytime you're in a "funk," I'm probably there, too. Thanks for the darling shirts! Haidyn looks so hot in hers. :) We love you, Aunt SES!!!