Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything lately. Things got kinda crazy with maybe baby, maybe not. And getting ready for the first set of holidays without my mom, so blogging went to the back burner. My mom would have been 61 on December 14th. And last year we surprised her with a Christmas trip to NYC (she didn't get to go and dad stayed home with her). Looking back on that I feel horrible for even telling her about that. But at that point we all just thought she was having bowel issues. And I second guess myself every time I think about it because why didn't I know something? (So I was dreading December 14th this year. Actually I was really trying not to think about it, mostly avoiding it. Kinda like August 10th, the six month anniversary of my mom's death. But that day we found out Baby Teal was going to be a girl. I haven't been that happy in a long while.) But then Haidyn came on December 14th. So no longer will I have to dread that day. Laura was scheduled to be induced but Haidyn came on her own. In 3 hours. If Laura hadn't been scheduled to be induced none of us would have made it there in time. I'm so thankful God's plans for Haidyn's birth included us!! And how HE knew the wranglings of my heart, even without the words coming out of my mouth about that day--Oh how faithful HE is!!

So 2010 started pretty crummy but ended up fabulous. And now I'm dreading February 10th--maybe there will be a proposal or something. (That is totally a joke :) But really if you have diamonds you can send them to me, from God. :)

Enjoy the pics of my new niece!!

love, Aunt SES

(Jonathan's sister is Sarah as well so Cal's nickname for me has stuck! My initials in case you didn't catch on)

(And do you see the pots in the picture? I had to ask Laura where her pots and pans were when I cooked dinner--Ha! I'm such an idiot sometimes!)