Sunday, August 8, 2010

the house

So I bet you're wondering why I haven't been blogging. Well here's why:

I've been here 6 weeks and it feels like home already. Laura came down for about 4 days after I moved in and really helped me unpack. She and Ed worked on the front porch and had it done and the flowers planted while I was at work.

This SCHLAGE is SOOO cool. It took Ed and I 3 days to figure out how to program it, but it's so nice to take the dogs for a walk to meet Kylie and Cal at the pool and not worry about taking keys with me. I'm gonna have these on all my houses from now on.

If you didn't know about the fencing incident while it was going on, bless you. I had the fence in my contract, but the builder wouldn't put up the fence until after closing. Because they said they've been burned in the past about fencing and then the house doesn't close, yada yada. Well the mortgage company wouldn't close without the fence being up. So, 1 day before we were supposed to close, the fence is taken out of the contract. It was crazy!! But I'm glad I waited because Dad talked me into putting up a picket on the sides, which I love. And it makes the yard seem bigger and not closed in. And Doc talked me into putting it behind the window to the dining room, leaving more room in the front yard. And the fence people talked me into two gates, which I also love. So in the end I love having to wait! Good things come to those who wait.



Dining Room

Living Room, with Bentley in the corner

Living Room, from the kitchen

Living Room

Kitchen, from the Living Room

Door from the garage is on the left. It's a strange area. I'm still working on it. The kitchen also doesn't have an island, something I'm working on. I feel like I need more workspace, so I'm thinking about talking with a carpenter about building me one.
Pardon the flip flops

Back Porch

View from the back porch
And lawn I don't have to mow. Well, beyond the fence.

Kid's bedroom
I'm calling it the kid's bedroom because I'm hooking up the Wii and having toys in here. So the adults can hang out in the living room. I also hooked up a VCR because of all the kids movies I have on VHS. :)
Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom #2 (AKA Storage)
I know that it seems like I have a ton of space and really don't need 4 bedrooms, but I'm hoping to not move ever again. So hopefully I can find a man and some kids to help fill it up. :)
Laundry Room

Guest/Hall Bath


Master, and yes the dog crates

Master Bath
and Jaccuzi tub
excuse the mess

Master Bath
and shower
I am so blessed. Thank you all for your prayers about moving. I'm so glad to be 5min away from work. And closer to Ed. And enjoy being so close to the Easterwoods. We've been visiting the neighborhood pool frequently. Come by sometime. Just give me a head's up to pick up the underwear!


denise said...

Love your place... congratualtions!

Rick and Kylee said...

Your house is so cute! You've done a great job (and Ed and Laura)

Spandiar said...

awesome house.