Tuesday, June 30, 2009

swat team

So a patient today was telling about the anaphylactic reaction, really bad allergic reaction, she had to Lasix. She told me she stopped breathing and her heart stopped.

And 'the SWAT team had to be called in.'

I think what she meant was the CODE BLUE team had to be called in. The SWAT team works for the police department. They come in for hostage situations and when people have bombs. So, unless she was carrying a bomb or had a weapon she was unwilling to give up, I think she meant the CODE BLUE team.

Ah the days I have to giggle under my breath. . .

And my sister said something REALLY funny to me tonight and I laughed so hard I snorted a little. But since she's my new webmaster and I really like her, I'm not going to share it. But it was really funny. So maybe if you see me sometime soon and I remember what I was laughing at I will tell you too, just don't tell Laura.

So I was being sassy self today and answered the phone,

"It's a great day at OMNI Owasso MOB, this is Sarah, how may I help you?"
My boss thought I was being serious. I have them fooled! She's going to have the staff start saying that tomorrow at their staff meeting. Because it sounded 'great and pleasant.' Oh how the staff is going to hate me tomorrow. . . . Oh well.