Tuesday, April 7, 2009

far, far away

So I've been away for awhile. SWITCH, the youth group I volunteer with, has been talking about how much time we spend doing 'stuff' instead of spending time with God. Guess what I gave up for a couple of weeks? Facebook and Blogging. So that's where I've been.

Oh, and in bed this weekend. I haven't gotten many migraines in the past few years. Until this year. I got one on Christmas Eve, aura and all. And then I got one Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Barfing and all. Now I just feel hung over from all the meds I've taken.

Quote of the day
"Now how do I administer this medication?" patient
"You put it on your tongue and swallow" me

Gotta love people who use big words.


Courtney said...

thanks for praying for Girls RULE!!!

it went well, but we had poor numbers because everything the weekend before (when the snow came) was rescheduled for the weekend of Girls RULE, but oh well...the girls that came hada great time