Saturday, October 18, 2008

what a week!

Life has been a little crazy. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. It's not that there isn't anything to post about. I just haven't had the time.

Work is going much better. We are trying a new schedule and the physician and I are 'tag teaming' it. We saw 42 patients on Tuesday!! PTL!! I think we've finally figured it out. There were some problems along the way, but our staff has worked really hard to make it work. Even Administration has noticed we got busier and asked us what we were doing. (After telling us it couldn't be done :) I'll keep you posted!!

Last Saturday, well, it was. The game was nothing to mention, but the company was great! Ed and Sus came over. Laura and JT were in town for a baby shower so they got to come over. And Kylie and Callion the Stallion came over as well. (Don't you like my nickname for him? :) We had a great time watching Cal instead of our Sooners.
Bentley and Bella were really interested in Cal. They were so good with him--he grabbed their ears and mouth and they didn't do anything! I was a little scared because neither of them have been around kids that much. I'm so proud!

Then on Wednesday, Kylie and I attempted to highlight our hair. Well, let's just say she had to go have it fixed the next day. Kylie was not as adventerous as me--I think she pulled 10 hairs through the cap. Then she kept telling me, "Oh it's much lighter." What a crock! :) We had fun and laughed alot. But decided we needed to look into cosmetology classes at TCC. Kevin even got into it! Cal's pants got a little bleached, sorry the pic didn't' turn out well.

And yesterday my birthday present from Ed and Sus was delivered!! An oak tree for my backyard. When I moved in 18 months ago, the front yard was landscaped nicely. The backyard had sod. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I should go look for trees since fall is a great time to plant. But then Ed and Sus offered to buy me a tree for my birthday. I know, I'm a dork and getting old. Only dorks and old single ladies get excited about getting a tree for their birthday. I got home from work yesterday and guess who decided the mulch needed to be all over the yard and the dirt distributed father around the tree? Yup, Bentley. He has now lost his outside recess privileges. Laura told me about some spray she used on her plants to keep animals from digging. If anyone else has any ideas, I'm all ears.

And the best quote from the week: "I have diabetes of my bunghole." How one lady described her hemorrhoids. I don't know what she meant either but I couldn't keep a straight face . . . .


Rick and Kylee said...

please give me your patient's name--I have finally found someone who shares my misery--diabetes of the bunghole. I must get connect with my soul sister so that we may draw strength from one another's bungholes. You complete me.--hehe--rick

Sarah said...

nice rick . .

sonja said...

Oh . . my . . . goodness!!!! These pictures are hilarious! The picture of Kevin doing hair is TOO MUCH! Thanks for a great laugh :)