Friday, May 9, 2008


I am growing wierd things. Benign (that means not cancer) but wierd.

First, the breast lump. Found in Feburary. Removed in March. Came back as a Phyllodes Tumor. I had to look it up because I had never heard about them. They can grow very large and women have had their whole breasts removed. I caught mine before it got that big.

Then, since I'd met my deductible I went to see a hand surgeon about my little finger. It's hurt for years. On and off but more recently it's hurt every day. So last Wednesday, I had surgery to remove a "mass" in my little finger. The doctor didn't know what it was. That's a little unnerving, a doctor telling you he doesn't know what it is but hope it gets rid of my pain. Not what I wanted to hear. If it doesn't get rid of the pain, then why get it out?

So I've spent the last week with a very large "q-tip" on my finger. And walking like a snob, I was told, because I walked with it raised in the air. It hurt being below my elbow because the blood pooled and then it thumped! That's also the reason I haven't posted because it's hard to type 9 fingered.

I was told it would take a week to get the pathology back. So Wednesday came and I hadn't heard so I called their office. I was told, "The doctor has called the pathologist and hasn't gotten in touch with him." Not good news, my mind races. So I waited another day. Then I was told, "Well, the pathologist doesn't know what it is but it's benign."

So I guess I'm a unique case. Maybe it could be named after me--the Schmidt tumor. Just think, doctors telling their patients, "Oh, you've got a Schmidt." It could be fun. . . .

I thought about posting a picture but then not everybody is into medical stuff.


The Trekker said...

Aw, c'mon! Where are the photos. I want to see the Schmidt! :)

Courtney said...

i agree! and totally you should have it named after you! glad you are back up